Cedar Point Coupons 2014

Find The Best Cedar Point Coupons for 2014

As we get closer to the official amusement park opening, it’s time to locate the best Cedar Point Coupons for the 2014 summer season. With all the new park additions for 2014, why not same money using a coupon for admission to Cedar Point Amusement Park this year. Please visit this page often to discover the best Cedar Point coupon deals and savings that we find and post here!

Cedar point amusement park is located in Sandusky Ohio and has been around since 1870.  This makes it the second oldest amusement park still in operation in the United States of America.  Each year thousands of people flock to Cedar Point Amusement Park to enjoy the attractions and rides on offer.  Each year there is something new that comes to Cedar Point and it is important that you know what is coming up before you go.

Cedar Point Opening Times

Before you can look at what is new at Cedar Point in 2014 you need to know when you can go.  The normal operating season runs from mid-May to Labour Day.  During this operating season the park is open all day every day.  However, outside of this operating season the park is only open on the weekends.  It is important to know these times so that you know when you can try out the new attractions that come each year.

Cedar Point Amusement Park in 2014

There are two new rides coming to Cedar Point Amusement Park for 2014 along with a number of improvements that will make the experience at the park more exciting and fun.  Of course, it is the two new rides that are going to be the main attraction for 2014.  These two new rides are the Pipe Scream and the Lake Erie Eagles. 

The Pipe Scream is a new roller coaster that has been added to the park.  This increases the number of roller coasters that the park offers to 16.  The Pipe Scream is a sure thrill rides consisting of 302 feet of track.  Over the course of the ride you will be flying at 43 feet above the midway and be going at an amazing speed of 43 miles per hour.  As no roller coaster is complete without twists and spins you will find many on this ride.  This is why many people are already calling the Pipe Scream the best of a flat ride and a roller coaster all in one.

The Lake Erie Eagles is the other attraction to look forward to in 2014.  This ride is located across from the Pipe Scream.  This is considered to be a unique experience when you visit Cedar Point.  This ride has 8 eagles which are suspended 28 feet in the air.  The ride will start to spin and the eagles will start to swing outward.  However, the difference between this ride and other similar rides is the actual experience that the rider has.  With the Lake Erie Eagles you will be able to control the flight experience so you are able to choose how wild the ride will be. 

There are a number of improvements that are going to be ready for 2014.  However, it is the addition of 2 new rides that are the main attraction for people going to Cedar Point Amusement Park.  These two rides are the Pipe Scream and the Lake Erie Eagles.  Both of these rides offer a thrilling experience for the rider which is what people are looking for in something new at Cedar Point. Be sure to safe money at the park this summer by using a Cedar Point Coupon on tickets.

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