Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Coupons 2014

UPDATED for 2014: lookout for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Coupons on the Themepark Boomers website. We will update this page as soon as we get new coupon information. Stay tuned!

Have you wanting to have fun with your friends and families? A fun that will include both natural and man-made wonders put together? Then if your answers to these questions are positive, then the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is the place for you to be. It was initially founded in 1968 as Marine World, a small oceanarium in Redwood City, California and finally changed its name to the present name in 1999; of course this came with a lot of exhirlating adjustment. One of the most significant of the adjustments was the rights to Warner Bros.’ Looney Tunes characters. As at the end of last the kingdom covers a 135 acres area and now has a lot of roller coasters & other amusement rides, together with its collection of animal exhibits & shows.

There ara a lot of fun awaiting you there, the Roller coasters here can never be outshined anywhere else on the planet. The Boomerang Roller coaster is a Vekoma Boomerang clone and was actually the first roller coaster to be launched at the park. Kong is another coaster ride it is a Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster while Roar is a wooden coaster constructed by Great Coasters International Inc. and was the first wooden coaster to feature Millennium Flyer trains. Another notable roller coaster is the Medusa which stands at 150 ft tall and can reach speeds of 65 mph. When Medusa opened in 2000, it had one of the tallest vertical loops (128 ft tall) in the world.

The Thrill rides are also rides you can never get tired of, some of the thrill rides in the park are the VooDoo , Tazmanian Devil which is a HUSS Frisbee ride, Hammerhead Shark, the wonderful SkyScreamer and many others. The Family rides are rides that are very sweet for joint family entertainment, they include the Wave Swinger , Scat-A-Bout, Boardwalk Bumper Buggies, The Ark , Wave Jumper , Monkey Business, Thrilla Gorilla and many others you just have to visit and experience.

The Animal attractions of the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is one that distinguishes it from most other parks in the country. If you love animals and their aweness, you can never get tired of them in this park. There are a lot of animal attractions; The Shark Experience allows visitors to venture “underwater” with sharks as they travel on a moving walkway with various species of sharks which include the sandbar sharks, zebra sharks, blacktip reef sharks, & nurse sharks. Wait, the Jocko’s Walrus Experience where you can get face to face with the park’s 3 walruses is yet another wonder. The Dolphin Discovery , Stingray Bay , Penguin Passage, Alligator Isle, Butterfly Habitat, Odin’s Temple of the Tiger are just few out of the countless live animal pleasure at the park.

Don’t imagine too hard, all you have to do is get your friends and family ready for the wonderful experiences and save some money using a  Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Coupon, the security and refreshments are superb. And trust me, you will always be back!

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Six Flags Magic Mountain Coupons for 2014

It’s going to be a fun 2014 summer for all the amusement parks, we recommend saving money using Six Flags Magic Mountain Coupons that can be found online. Have you ever visited the Six Flags Magic Mountain? It is one of the most popular Six Flags Theme Park and unarguably one of the one of the best amusements parks where individuals, families and friends spend time together having fun. The Six Flags Magic Mountain is a 262-acre theme park located in Valencia, Santa Clarita, California just north of Los Angeles. Ever since it got opened for public visits in May, 1971 by the Newhall Land and Farming Company, the park has continued to thrilled visitors all around the world.  The name Six Flags Magic Mountain was a derivation from the Six Flags flying over Texas which was where the company was first founded.  Even to today the name depicts the six national flags which represent France, Spain, the Republic of Texas, Mexico, the State of Texas & the Confederate State of America.

Within the park there are currently 9 separately themed areas; each area with its own distinct rides, attractions & food service venues. These 9 distinct theme zones include; The Six Flags Plaza portal through which guests enter & leave the park, the plaza also features gift shops, photo services, food service venues & lots more. Baja Ridge is another of these zones, it is south of the border flair with a lovely barren desert landscape. Cyclone Bay Guests is the third, visitors can partake in a lot of rides and midway games. Another interesting zone is DC Universe; the rides & attractions in this part are all inspired by the DC comics universe. Samurai Summit zone is the zone where Japanese folklore & mythology come alive in the form of 3 roller coasters atop the rugged hillside.

The other areas include the Rapids Camp Crossing, an area which simulates a campsite set deep in the American wilderness. The Colossus County Fair Carnival-style games put every kind of skills to test while 3 gargantuan roller coasters of 3 different natures are always there to thrill seekers. Visitors always flock to the High Sierra Territory, which is in the shadows of towering redwoods; the Bugs Bunny World and  Whistlestop Park are both located within.  At the Movie District Movie-inspired, visitors can plunge 50 feet off a waterfall, view a live-action stunt show and participate in other daring events.

There are presently 18 roller coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain, the largest collection of roller coasters in a park in the world, the most daring and of course  the safest. These roller coasters have friendly names and appeal that will always make you ride again. The  Apocalypse The Ride,  Batman The Ride,  Canyon Blaster , Colossus Full Throttle , Gold Rusher , Goliath and Magic Flyer are some of these roller coasters. Other attractions waiting to excite visitors include the Buccaneer Swinging, the Dive Devil Large swing which easily simulates the experience of sky diving. Grand Carousel Merry-go-round and the Sky Tower & Museum, a 38-story observation tower are some of the exciting extra attractions in these parks.

Magic Mountain’s closeness to downtown Los Angeles which is the heart of the US film & television industry has caused its appearance in numerous television productions, sometimes “acting” as a park other than itself. In 1982, Magic Mountain became the fictional “Walley World” for National Lampoon’s Vacation, with the movies having scenes that contained  Revolution and Colossus . Other productions featuring Magic Mountain include EntourageWonder Woman, CHIPs, Way Out GamesBeverly Hills, Knight Rider, 90210, Melrose PlaceThe King of Queens & Buffy the Vampire Slayer and lots more.

Magic Mountain’s coasters are always ranked very high in the Golden Ticket Awards. It is largely widely known for having some rides with record breaking rankings in the world. The prices of tickets for entering into the park and for specific activities are very reasonable. Security is well ensured for individuals and families alike, with the best of foods and refreshments. You just have to visit Six Flags Magic Mountain and discover why it is called The Thrill Capital of the World or The Xtreme Park by others.

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This Wondrous Realm Of Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic MountainHello, one of our favorite amusement park realms to explore is located in California, we really do recommend locating one of the many Six Flags Magic Mountain Coupons that are available at the Six Flags Coupon website. Explore and have fun!

When you really like roller coasters and want to try a ride in some of the finest coasters around the globe, you certainly must definitely check out the Six Flags Magic Mountain inside Ca. Found in Valencia, Santa Clarita, it’s the sole theme park on earth containing 18 mind-numbing roller coasters. It has some of the most remarkable roller coasters known to man including ‘Apocalypse: The Ride’, ‘Batman: The Ride’, ‘Colossal’, ‘Full Throttle’ ‘Goliath’ and more. This theme park presents abundant choices to be seated any roller-coaster and enjoy together with your friends or with your family. You can find a large numbers of activities choices within this theme park that will make you have the very best experience ever.

This theme park provides Nine developed regions each one has its very own range of fun, food choices plus roller coasters. There is a special DC Universe district as well. The rides and amusement options in this location were created in the name of characters from the DC comics. Here is the best place to bring children. The Baja Bridge, Six Flags Plaza and High Sierra Territory are also other well known areas that you need to visit. 6 Flags Magic Mountain was initially launched in ’71. Since that time, it is a all-California design amusement park that gives excellent cuisine and even better fun. It’s graded as the top 19th amusement park across the country according to ticket sales.

Often the Grand Carousel and the Roaring Rapids are among the hottest spots inside the 6 Flags Magic Mountain theme park. The Movie Area may also be one of the better locations to see. You will see live-action tricks getting performed in this place. If you come here, you should surely check out the huge roller coasters available. Scream! Tatsu, Viper plus X2 are enough to provide you with a heavy adrenaline rush here. It is possible to get to this park on your own automobile and / or take a bus for transportation lines 3 and 7. They will stop outside the theme park, which would then take 10 minutes for one to reach the entrance. Additionally you can taste some terrific french-fried potatoes, funnel cakes & numerous finger food variations inside Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Please don’t forget the Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom. It’s the worlds highest fall experience. It is a wonderful place to go which is suitable for individuals and their families.

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Thrills at Six Flags in Georgia

Visitors will come across a lot of entertaining for all ages at Atlanta’s Six Flags Earlier mentioned Ga, a person of the most important community concept parks in just the Southeast. Thrill seekers can get hold of their kicks on some of the wildest roller coasters in the nation. In just addition, there are countless other journey Plans for young young children and those who don’t together with roller coasters. 6 Flags as well has very good musical entertainment, such as the new “iLuminate” display.

The 11 roller coasters at 6 Flags over Georgia incorporate some of the utmost and speediest types inside of the nation. The Perfect American Scream Device is a living legend between wooden coasters. Goliath is the park’s big metal roller coaster. The Ga Cyclone, Mindbender, Ninja, and the Ga Scorcher are for riders with nerves of steel. Batman: The Ride is one particular of the park’s highest innovative coasters. The Dahlonega Mine Prepare is a 6 Flags Previously mentioned Ga first. Acrophobia, a non-coaster thrill trip, plunges Sixteen stories. All of this sort of rides incorporate top constraints.

There are a great deal of other amusements within just the park. Website visitors who take scorching can neat off on drinking water rides including Log Jamboree, Splash H2o Falls, and Thunder River. For a very good critique of the park, just take a excursion upon one particular of the trains or glide across the park on the Peachtree Sq. Sky Buckets. There are loads of possibilities for young small children. They might delight in the Riverview Carousel, Tweety’s Swings, Tiny Aviator, and Convoy Grande.

The whole loved ones will take pleasure in the shows at Six Flags. The youngsters will get pleasure from watching their favorite Looney New music characters sing and dance within “We’ve Acquired the Fight.” Listen in direction of conventional R&B hits at “Rhythm and Grooves,” a tribute clearly show towards tunes legends Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Question, and Ray Charles. Pop 40 is a superior electricity musical show for all ages. The fresh new “iLuminate” show functions superior costumes that mild up and remarkable distinctive implications.

Traffic can produce the most of their day and shell out considerably less season ready inside of line by way of purchasing a Flash Pass. This exclusive reservation method holds a spot in just line electronically. Targeted traffic can enjoy time at other attractions, and then return at the reserved trip year. The Flash Go is $35, and a limited variety are available for purchase every day. Dinner Deals might be acquired inside progress on line. Options contain Primo’s Pizza, Flags Well known chook strips, or Johnny Rockets burgers and fries. Meal Specials get started at $13.49.

Everyday ticket price ranges procured at the park are $54.99 for adults. Tickets for little ones significantly less than 48 inches tall are $39.Ninety nine, and kids age 2 and underneath are admitted totally free. Site visitors will conserve $20 any time tickets are obtained on-line at minimum Three days in just advance. Every day parking amount is $20 for every auto.

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Amusement Parks Versus Theme Parks

Is Walt Disney World a theme park or just an amusement park? How about Cedar Point? Is there a real difference or are both of these words for the similar thing? Should it even matter? Certainly, it may not be as critical as several things to be found, but park and amusement park lovers may find it intriguing, if not crucial. There are lots of misunderstandings and bad data out there. So, I thought I’d take the prospect of this post to clear up much of the uncertainty.

Let us discuss Amusement Parks

Let’s move on by interpreting the term “Amusement Park” to begin with since amusement parks were the first one to appear on the landscape. By most descriptions, an amusement park has existed for years and years, since about the 16th century. It is usually identified merely as a fixed area where many different rides and sights are assembled to captivate people. 6 Flags actually has many amusement parks and one of the main reasons we feel they are so popular is using a six flags coupon to save additional money.

Over time, however, the meaning of an amusement park may be clouded by modifications in ride design and style, the innovation of the car and the growing media, and the desire for fun to complement or surpass the expectations of the crowd. These improvements have caused updates and innovations of many theme parks and bankruptcies and closures at numerous others. Yet, something remained steady, the theme parks, themselves, were constantly just collections of visitors attractions, regardless how sketchy or unattractive looking the collection seemed to be.

Fantastic examples of such as Coney Island in Brooklyn or Riverview Park in Chicago…neither which exist today incidentally.

Information on Theme Parks

Even though it’s arguable when the “theme park” was launched, many experts think that Walt Disney was its founder. Disney was, nonetheless, highly influenced by Knott’s Berry Farm along with the theme parks of Europe. Hence, you can also make the statement that Knott’s Berry Farm was the very first theme park, and surely Walt Disney took the theme park into a completely new level. So what will make a theme park different from an amusement park?

A genuine “theme” park contains different inspired areas or locations. Remarkable efforts are intended to make the impression of another world or way of life applying landscape designs, buildings, music, foods, staff, plus interesting attractions. Inside a theme park the attractions usually take 2nd place to the situation they’re put into. The greater a theme park is able to take it’s guests outside the “real world” and in to a world of illusion, the truer the tag “theme” becomes. Because Walt Disney used film directors instead of designers for the layout of his theme park, he could develop a genuine get away from reality, as if the amusement park had been a motion picture on a screen.

Subject Resorts Deliver Amusement Parks to a Brand New Level

With the launch of Walt Disney World in Florida in 1971, the next phase in the advancement of the amusement park took place. Progressing past only the Disney World rides and sights, Walt disney world blended the theme park with hotels, courses, water fun, plus additional amusement parks. We prefer to call this the “Themed Resort”.

The concept of the concept resort is to entice attendees and keep them on your territory for every thing they could ever need or think about. It’s very achievable, using the creation of Disney’s Wide World of Sports – the sport angling, waters and world sports activities and event features – that virtually anything one could do on a holiday can be within 1 area. The themed resort has become a one-of-a-kind, one-stop shop for the ideal holiday and the numbers are proving Disney’s strategy is the correct type of planning. Walt disney world is not exclusively in this sector. Universal Studios in Orlando, fl consists of two independent amusement parks, accommodations and dining to form the Universal Orlando Resort. Walt disney world discovered in the Eighties that putting individuals close is the true secret to income and that is certainly proving the case.

The overall summary

It is easy to end up being aggravated by comparisons that are generally made amongst amusement parks and theme parks, though these reviews by definition should not be created. If somebody states “I consider Cedar Point is a greater amusement park compared to Disney”, they are correct in a sense since Disney World isn’t an theme park, and will by no means pretend to be a roller coaster enthusiast’s heaven. Concurrently, nonetheless, there’re also mistaken because they’re judging apples to oranges. Making things more complicated Cedar Point will occasionally name itself a theme park given that they give names to different parts of the theme park.

The very next time someone states they loved Dollywood or 6 Flags even more than Disney, do not bother to disagree. People might as well claim they like sushi more than a bike.

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